Thessaloniki 2011

During my three-week stay in Thessaloniki in February 2011, Thessaloniki caused me to take by far the greatest number of photographs I have ever taken in a major city. This album features visions which, I think, make Thessaloniki unique. All of my photographs have been taken with a very simple Fujifilm Finepix E550.

During the three weeks of my stay in Thessaloniki in February 2011, Thessaloniki, caused me to take, by far the largest number of photos I've taken a great city. This album features dreams, which I think makes Thessaloniki unique.

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Manfrotto introduces six new monopods for XPRO range

From the top down, Prime, Over and Land monopods from Manfrotto

Tripod and accessory manufacturer Manfrotto has announced a total of six new monopods that it has added to the XPRO range, including models in carbon fiber as well as aluminum. The models cover three families of monopods: Prime for the heaviest equipment, Over for those who need height but for lighter kit, and Land for traveling.

The Prime models come in three variants, one of which has four sections and is made of carbon fiber. The other two are aluminum, and one of those features a pop-out three-leg support system that is concealed within the lower leg section. The Prime models can support up to 10kg / 22lbs and offer a maximum height of 168cm / 66.14in.

The Over series can support up to 7kg / 15.43lbs, and offer heights of up to 176cm / 69.29in, while there is only one Land monopod – a 5-section model which packs down to 41.5cm / 16.3in and weighs only 0.7kg / 1.5lbs. It can hold 6kg / 13.23lbs and can open to 141cm  / 55.51in.

Each of the models offers dual 1/4in and 3/8in threads and Manfrotto’s new Quick Power Lock leg clamps, as well as D-shaped tubing to help prevent rotation.

For more information visit the Manfrotto websiite.

Model Material Leg Sections  Price
 Prime Aluminum 3 £54.95
 Prime with legs Aluminum 3 £99.95
 Prime Carbon Fiber 4 £149.95
 Over Aluminum 4 £69.95
 Over Carbon Fiber 5 £169.95
 Land Aluminum 5 £69.95

US pricing is not yet available.


Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, announces a new photo monopods range: the New XPRO MONOPODS. These products bring the premium style and performance of the 055 and 190 series tripods on single-legged camera supports and are superbly designed and crafted for professional and advanced photographers. The new XPRO MONOPODS range consists 6 of new models of the PRIME, OVER and LAND monopods.

With 6 new models available - 4 in aluminium and 2 in Carbon Fibre, the new XPRO MONOPODS come in different sizes and with ¼” or 3/8” mounting threads.

The PRIME Monopods provide the highest payload in the range and are able to support up to 10kg (22lbs) of weight. Available in 3 models (2 aluminium and 1 carbon fibre), one features a unique retractable mechanism that allows the three feet to fully disappear inside the last tube – only coming out when needed.

The OVER Monopods have increased the maximum height by 16% more than previous model, widening the shooting angles’ versatility whilst still maintaining remarkable compactness. Available in aluminium and carbon fibre.

Extending the range further, the LAND Monopod is a 5 section monopod ideal for travelling. It folds down to 41.5 cm (32.6 in) for easy transportation and can be packed into Manfrotto backpacks or messenger bags. Available in aluminium only.

The New Quick Power Lock provides stability of use to all XPRO MONOPODS and a fast locking grip, which can be released with a single hand movement.

The D-shaped tubes greatly improve the anti-rotation resistance allowing for a solid locking grip by eliminating jerky movements.

Remove problems of vibration, speed and portability with the New XPRO MONOPODS: suitable for Sport photography, Bird watching, Travelling and Nature photography.

Prices from £54.95. For more information, please visit

Sphericam 2 professional fully spherical camera records 4K/60 fps videos

The folks at Sphericam are back with a second generation model of their unique angular camera. The Sphericam 2 is, according to the company, the first fully spherical pro-grade 360-degree camera that records 4K footage at 60 fps. The resulting videos can be used in VR applications, as well as on platforms that support 360-degree content like YouTube and Spinnable.

Unlike other spherical cameras, Sphericam features angular sides comprising a geometric design made from anodized aluminum. These 'faces' allow the camera to be placed flat on a surface, and also house things like lenses, mounting points, and buttons. Sphericam 2 has six cameras, each using a sensor with global shutter and synchronized to fire within 50 microseconds of each other.

Footage is available as 60 fps raw/unstitched and as 30 fps stitched panoramic videos. Capturing in 30 fps allows the video to be stitched in real time; a live streaming function is currently in development. Content, meanwhile, is recorded at up to 1.2 Gbps to an internal microSD card. The camera supports use of up to six MicroSD cards at once by way of a removable module adding up to a total maximum storage capacity of 768GB, or about 85 minute of footage.

The camera has two power options: a non-removable rechargeable battery for up to 90 minutes of operation, and a USB-C port for continuous operation when plugged in. Finally, Sphericam features a total of 8 mounting points, each a standard threaded 1/4-20 offering, for use with various third-party mounting accessories. 

Sphericam 2 is available for preorder from Sphericam for $2499; shipping is estimated to start 10 to 12 weeks after ordering.

Via: Sphericam

Kipon to produce Canon EF to Sony E-mount adapter with AF and slot-in ND grads

Chinese lens adapter manufacturer Kipon has said it is producing a new model that will allow Canon EF lenses to fit on Sony E-mount mirrorless bodies while maintaining their AF functionality. The Kipon EF-S/E AF ND lens adapter also comes provided with a slot-in four-stop graduated neutral density filter that can be fitted into the body of the ring. Sitting between the optics and the camera, the filter will be protected from stray light and in theory will remain clean, so it should deliver better image quality than had the same filter been fitted over the front of the lens.

The company has not released very much detail about the forthcoming adapter, but it does promise that the phase detection AF system will operate at 'high speed'. Perhaps significantly, the company is showing a picture of the adapter alongside a pair of slot-in filters, so we might hope that other filters will become available at a later date.

The Kipon EF-S/E AF ND adapter will go on sale from 15th March 2016, and will cost $428.

For more information visit the Kipon website.

Cambo introduces Canon EOS lens plate with aperture control for Actus view camera system

Cambo has devised a new Canon EF/EF-S lens plate for its Actus view camera system that allows users to control aperture settings on Canon EOS lenses. The Cambo Actus system is designed to deliver a view camera style of shooting to some mirrorless camera bodies, consisting of a lens plate and a body plate with bellows and a monorail in between.

As EOS lenses have no manual aperture control, a plain mounting plate will only allow the lenses to be used at their widest aperture setting. The new ACB-CA plate however has electronic contacts that allow it to communicate with the lens, and a finger wheel so the photographer can dial in required aperture settings. An OLED display shows aperture values as well as the focal length in use, even when a zoom is mounted. 

The ACB-CA adapter will provide tilt, shift, swing, rise and fall movements between the front and rear standards with an EOS lens and a mirrorless camera mounted, though other lens systems allow movements with Nikon and Canon DSLR bodies. The Actus-DB system allows digital backs to be used.

The new ACB-CA plate for Canon EOS lenses costs £950 / $1299, while the Actus body costs £1400 / $1900. For more information visit the Cambo website.

Press release: 

NEW Cambo Actus Canon Auto Lens Mount

Cambo has released the NEW ACB-CA adapter for Canon EF lenses for use on the ACTUS mini view camera. The adapter has built-in electronic controls for setting and operating the aperture of Canon EF lenses.

Normally when a Canon auto iris lens is removed from the camera body the lens aperture is wide open. The ACB-CA communicates with the lens and enables the user to adjust the aperture, giving you full control.

This adapter has an internal battery for continuous use and features an OLED display which shows the preset or set aperture together with the focal length of the lens. The communication is accurate, such that the display will also show the focal length of zoom lenses.

The adapter accepts lenses fitted with Canon EOS bayonet, in combination with the ACTUS view camera. The ACB-CA adapter is finished in black to match the ACTUS-B camera version.

This ACB-CA lens adapter is designed to work with mirrorless* camera bodies, such as the Sony A7 series, Fujifilm X series and Canon M series. When mounted on the Actus the adapter will tilt and swing within the lens image circle that is being used. The rear rise/fall and left/right shift will operate as normal, again within the lens’s image circle.

*Mirrorless camera bodies have the imaging sensor further forward enabling the lens to focus at infinity or closer.

Check via the Cambo Configurator the compatibility between cameras, lenses and adapter when using the Cambo Actus.

The ACB-CA adapter is available now from stock £790.00 excluding VAT and shipment. For further information contact CamboUK on 07863 116150 or .

Techart brings AF to Leica M lenses on Sony’s a7 II and a7R II

Chinese company Techart has produced an adapter that works with the phase detection AF system of Sony’s a7 II and a7R II cameras to create an autofocus effect for Leica M mount lenses. The adapter ring sits between the body and the lens and uses a motor to drive the entire lens back and forth until sharp focus is found. The company claims focus is usually acquired within a second, and that the depth of the adapter can actually increase the close-focusing range of some focal lengths, allowing users to get closer their subjects.

Focal lengths of 50mm and wider need to be set to their infinity position while mounted on the adapter, and focus is found as the adapter pushes and pulls the lens closer and further away from the sensor. The sensor lets the adapter know when the subject is sharp, and the hunting stops. Lenses with longer focal lengths may need the user to do some of the work with the focusing ring on the lens, and then the adapter will finish the job.

The process only works with Sony’s a7 cameras that support phase detection systems, and the company says the adapter does not work for video. Single shot and continuous AF modes are available however, and the system can deal with lenses that weight up to 700g / 1.5lb. A smartphone app that connects with the adapter allows users to store information about up to 10 different lenses, which the adapter can then communicate back to the camera, so its 5-axis image stabilization system can be utilized.

Techart says that, with add-on adapters, the device can work with other lens mounts that have long flange depth, such as the Leica R, and Contax/Yashica systems. The Techart PRO Autofocus Leica M Adapter for Sony E camera will cost $349. For more information and more sample images visit the Techart Pro website.

Press release:

Techart unveils the World’s First Autofocus Adapter for Manual Focus Lens, the Techart PRO AF Leica M lens adapter for Sony E mount cameras

Techart, the Chinese adapter manufacturer who has previously launched the first Contax G autofocus adapter for Sony E cameras, has unveiled the world’s first Autofocus adapter for Manual Lenses named ‘Techart PRO’. The Techart PRO adapter is able to drive the manual Leica M lenses to reach focus by using the focusing system in Sony A7II and Sony A7RII, giving an unprecedented new user experience for all Leica M lenses owners.

Techart PRO has adopted the z-shift technology where the Leica M bayonet is able to extend and retract. The distance between the lens and the camera sensor is hereby changed in order to reach the focus. The mechanism is quite similar to Contax AX system where the flange distance is changed for autofocusing. Techart PRO has electronic contacts to communicate with the Sony A7II and Sony A7RII and uses its PDAF
system to measure focus. The built-in motor will then drive the bayonet forward by a maximum of 4.5mm and reach the focus point for shooting.

Techart PRO is super light and powerful. The adaptor weighs only 133g and is able to drive a lens system as heavy as 700g. Apart from pairing up with the Leica M lenses, users can also further adapt lenses with longer flange distance (e.g. Leica R, CY, PK, MD, etc) with add-on adapters and enjoy the autofocusing experience with other manual lenses. Techart PRO supports both AF-S and AF-C modes and it can also serve as a close focusing adapter which can reduce the minimal focusing distance of the lenses.

A complimentary mobile app will be available for users to save 10 sets of lens data to the adapter and perform firmware upgrade via bluetooth.

Techart PRO is an evolutional product which can give users a completely new experience with their manual lenses. The fast and precise focusing allows users to take quick and sharp photos with their favourite manual lenses. More product information and testing videos can now be found via our official website.

Pricing and Availability
The Techart PRO Autofocus Leica M Adapter for Sony E cameras is currently available for pre-order at our official website ( The recommended retail price is USD 349/pc. Free shipping will be provided during the promotion period. Delivery will commence from March onwards and will be shipped from our US/UK/Hong Kong warehouse. 1-year warranty is included.

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